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Mini-review – Butt Rock Suites – Velocity Dance Studio, Seattle

March 16, 2003

The Butt Rock dance fest at Velocity was awesome. The audience was rowdy (it was standing room only), many of them tricked out in their finest hair metal gear. They cheered, lit lighters between sets, and clapped along to most of the songs. The dances tended to be very 80’s referential, with nods to “Love is a Battlefield” and other early MTV faves. Most of the show was NOT serious, which was fine by me: I got a kick out of watching dancers use each other as air guitars, and the mimed “being carried by the crowd” scenes were just inspired. “Dust in the Wind,” “Shout at the Devil,” and a Queen medley were some of the finer musical moments of the night. I just loved it! It made me jones for karaoke at the Sea Wolf, but I have all of this crap I wanted to cook before I went to bed PLUS I was hoping to get into work early, so I bagged on going out and was responsible instead. I ask you, how is THAT the hard rock lifestyle? I hope they do this again!

(This review was originally published March 16th, 2003 in a different blog and was migrated here.)