Mini-review – Carlos Acosta and Friends – Sadler’s Wells


This review migrated off of an earlier blog.

Last night George and I had a great time at the ballet and a really good visit to boot. Carlos Acosta was a god and he blew my mind when he was dancing Vaganova’s “Diana & Acteon pas de deux ” – there was some thing where he twisted in the air like a cat trying to right himself and I was positive that he was simultaneously defying the laws of gravity, human anatomy, and (possibly) space and time. I gasped, I had goosebumps. Wow. And the girl he was dancing with … was positively ethereal. I felt like I was seeing all of the A-listers on stage at once and I just loved it. How will I spend my mid-year bonus (the one hopefully waiting for me when I get home)? With season tickets to the Royal Ballet. Oh baby.

(This review is for a performance that took place July 19th, 2006. Please see Graham Watt’s review, Clement Crisp’s review or the discussion board for more detail.)

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    […] solo outing this Royal Ballet star has had to date. I can understand that over the course of the three years since I have been watching him that his body might be changing and he might no longer be capable of the spectacular leaps and […]

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