Review – Faust – Punchdrunk (at “a secret location in London”)


Faust, as done by Punchdrunk, was the kind of theatrical experience you spend years going to the theater hoping to encounter. We screwed up and manage to miss the clues that would have got us synched up with the story thread that was going on, and spent most of the first hour going from floor to floor absorbing the incredibly atmospheric scenery that was created in the spaces of the warehouse. A forest with real pine trees and a broken woodshed, a cornfield with a windmill, a freaky hall of stone madonnas with candles underneath them, a big empty barn … it was all just a part of the whole we never got to entirely see. Finally, an actor pulled me into the dance scene and I was swing dancing with the devil … spun back into the audience until he brushed his hand across the cheek and commanded,”Follow me!” So I did and we saw the rest of Faust (and Gretchen)’s downfall … only catching up with the rest of our group as Mephistopheles threw his body across a naked Faust as if to mark him as his property. Boo ya. I need to go back in December and catch the scenes I missed.

(This review is for a performance that took place on November 11th, 2006.)


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