Mini-review – Starlight Express – New Wimbledon Theatre


Went and say Starlight Express tonight at the New Wimbledon Theater. Any play with a black man in a pink/blue/silver mohawk doing spinny circles on stage in his rollerskates and sparkly metallic blue costume is a total winner in my book. “I am electric – feel my attraction./ Feel my magnetism – you will agree/ I am electric – I have the contact./ I am electric – the future is me.” I mean, what is not to like about that? Hip hop boys, girls skating in garter belts, guys doing backflips on rollerblades, and three three-D movies in the middle (okay, that should have been a race on a ramp in the audience, but I love 3-D stuff so I was still happy about it) – I felt like I was 12 years old again. That part of me that still unironically likes 80s music was tickled pink tonight.

The teenagers in the audience who talked all the way through like they were at a rock show … that I could have lived without. But I went with J and W and it did rather make up for a lot, and we made it home at 10:30, so the night was on the whole a big win.

(This review, for a performance that took place on November 29, 2006, was migrated from my other journal.)

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