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Review – Carmen Jones – Southbank Centre

July 26, 2007

Carmen Jones was … well, interesting but just not so great after Drowsy Chaperone the night before. It was real opera, with people doing pretty great singing to the original score’s song, as redone with new hip 1952 era lyric (“We’ll tell you your future/A lover or a moocher” as an example). Carmen herself needed dialect coach as she sounded too English to be an American black, and it messed up her character, who just came off as stuck up. The whole show was confusing, as no matter where it was set, there was no place in America where you can have Latin influence, Spanish architecture, an all-black Army force, and take trains to Chicago. Also, I am unfamiliar with a 50s era Black country club in Chicago. And I was tired, but somehow we made it through.

(This review is for a performance given on July 26th, 2007.)