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Review – Gekidan Kateisha’s “Bye Bye Reflection” – Riverside Studios

December 1, 2007

Gekidan Kaitaisha (a modern Japanese dance troupe) was quite good. I was fortunate enough to get free tickets (this always makes a show better in my book) and convinced a former coworker to come see it with me.  It was a rough show for someone who doesn’t watch a lot of modern dance – no music and absolutely no “rythmic movement” – but Josh soldiered on despite his jet lag. A few audience members lacked his fortitude. I don’t know, half naked people standing nearly motionless above a mirror in the floor, does this lack intrinsic interest?

While I thought it was going to be more about 9/11, it was also quite a bit about the “comfort women” of World War II, and of course the overall negative effects institutionalizing violence has on a society. (One particularly memorable scene had a man slamming his hand into an evening-gown clad woman’s back, then sitting down and taking notes at a desk, while another man in a waist-high cage talked about deciding who to torture at Guantanamo.)  I found it quite thought provoking. And it made me wish M. Vermillion was watching it with me, even though Josh liked it.