Review – Gekidan Kateisha’s “Bye Bye Reflection” – Riverside Studios


Gekidan Kaitaisha (a modern Japanese dance troupe) was quite good. I was fortunate enough to get free tickets (this always makes a show better in my book) and convinced a former coworker to come see it with me.  It was a rough show for someone who doesn’t watch a lot of modern dance – no music and absolutely no “rythmic movement” – but Josh soldiered on despite his jet lag. A few audience members lacked his fortitude. I don’t know, half naked people standing nearly motionless above a mirror in the floor, does this lack intrinsic interest?

While I thought it was going to be more about 9/11, it was also quite a bit about the “comfort women” of World War II, and of course the overall negative effects institutionalizing violence has on a society. (One particularly memorable scene had a man slamming his hand into an evening-gown clad woman’s back, then sitting down and taking notes at a desk, while another man in a waist-high cage talked about deciding who to torture at Guantanamo.)  I found it quite thought provoking. And it made me wish M. Vermillion was watching it with me, even though Josh liked it.

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One Response to “Review – Gekidan Kateisha’s “Bye Bye Reflection” – Riverside Studios”

  1. J J Kennedy Says:

    Yeah, I remember this – it was hard-going to watch at the time, but most elements of it has proven to linger quite strongly in the memory. It was powerful, brilliant and makes quite an impact on one’s ideas…

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