Contains Violence – Lyric Hammersmith


Short review, as I’m still too cold to do much but hover near the radiator.

We just spent an hour and a half sitting in the cold with headphones and raincoats on, watching four actors perform in two well lit offices across the street and hoping to God it didn’t start raining as it would have quickly soaked through our trousers and we were already more than cold enough.

Summary: good concept, weak script, bad acting. I think the actors had just lost their connection with the audience – not too surprising given that we were almost a city block away. Watching them through the binoculars was entirely ungratifying – they didn’t seem to be doing anything more than going through the motions. So even though the technical execution was quite good, it was really not worth sitting outside that long in 9°/48° weather to watch. Minkette’s “Train of Thought” was a million times more fun and engaging, and the acting was better, too.

(This review is for a performance that took place Monday, April 14th, 2008. It did not do anything more than think about sprinkling during the show, but that was plenty in my book.)

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