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You say “You went to three shows last week?” like there’s something wrong with that …

August 8, 2008

( … surely I should have seen four?) Off tonight to hit a third show this week, I Lear at Trafalgar Studios. With tickets available for a mere £10 from, this was a no-brainer, a quick comic snack after a trip to the pub on a Friday. My big question is: where to eat? While I seem to have good luck finding inexpensive restaurants with tasty food (Bon Appetit, the Lebanese restaurant on Leman street near Wilton’s – 133 Leman, phone 020 7265 1234 if you care, and with £3.50 sandwiches I do – was a classic example) before my shows, Trafalgar Studios appears to be in a bit of a dead zone (given that Wetherspoon’s isn’t my idea of a good place for a meal, though a great place for a Pimm’s). Any ideas on where I should eat before my show tonight?