Desperate for content, I wordled my blog


I was in high hopes of getting a scoop by seeing the first night of the “Threepenny Ring Cycle,” but the performance was postponed due to rain and I found myself having serious doubts the show would occur at all – so I exchanged my tickets for the Pinter double header taking place in September at the National (tickets in the very front at the very back for only £10, a good deal at five quid a play – Landscape and A Slight Ache if you were wondering). Watching the crew pour buckets of rain off of the tent that sat over the show sealed the deal, and we were home at about 9:15.

Thus, for a lack of content, I “Wordled” my blog. Tomorrow, or tonight, you’ll get my take on what £20 tickets for West Side Story at Sadler’s Wells will get you.

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3 Responses to “Desperate for content, I wordled my blog”

  1. TTC Says:

    I’m sorry to hear you missed the “Threepenny Ring Cycle” it was certainly a novel evening. Having outdoor theatre in a tent that wasn’t in anyway water tight was a very silly idea (to be fair they do collapse the whole thing at the end of every performance in an original Valhalla burning). Still I wouldn’t worry. It was fun but hardly life changing.


  2. feignedmischief Says:

    When are you seeing Landscape/A Slight Ache? I might just bump into you there in September!

  3. webcowgirl Says:

    September 15th – a Monday – was that the day you were planning on going?

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