Great deal for tickets to the Royal Ballet’s “La Bayadere” (January 2009)


Today’s Metro had a great deal for the Royal Ballet’s La Bayadere – main floor (orchestra) tickets for only £42.50 on the performances taking place January 13, 21, 22, and 26th at 7:30 PM. I haven’t ever made it to the main floor (normal prices around £80 make this a ridiculous extravagance for me), but this is tempting – I saw the Bolshoi’s Bayadere and it’s really pretty cool, a classic (yet over the top and somewhat camp) 19th century story ballet, complete with a third act that takes place in the land of the dead that’s up there with Swan Lake and Giselle and basically a must-see.

Anyway, the details are thus: go to WWW.ROH.ORG/BAYADERE, type “metro” (or maybe METRO) into the “have a code” box and click go.

Good luck! I would assume it’s not the A cast performing on these nights, but given that it’s the Royal Ballet, you can’t really lose – it’s not exactly a company with only one or two great dancers, and seeing who’s “up and coming” is still a pleasure.

LATER: Holy cow, the cast on the 13th includes total hotties Tamara Rojo, Marianela Nuñez AND Carlos Acosta, SIGN ME UP!

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4 Responses to “Great deal for tickets to the Royal Ballet’s “La Bayadere” (January 2009)”

  1. Exit, pursued by a bear Says:

    We’re going to see this shortly – keep your eyes peeled for my review. Unfortunately, the ROH production suffers in two ways. There are only 24 in the Corps de Ballet, whereas to peform the great “Kingdom of the Shades” opening scene, 36 are technically required (although the ROH get round this by cutting some of the score); tje Mussorsky Ballet Company in Russia (Russias “No. 2” company after the Kirov) do it with 48 in the corps, which is stunning. Many of the worlds great companies actually hire in extra corps if they are performing Bayadere (the Wedding Parade scene also requires a huge number of people in the corps to be done properly). And the ROH do the version (if memory serves) without the final scene in which the temple falls down and kills everyone at the end, which makes the ending a bit of a damp squib.

    Bayadere also needs two Prima Ballerinas; one to play the title role and the other to play Gamzatti (Darcy Bussell danced this for the ROH and was beyond comparison, IMHO). Can’t say I hold much store for Sr. Acosta as I think his classical technique is extremely ropy.

  2. webcowgirl Says:

    Who do you think would be a better choice as the lead male dancer?

    And shame about having an undersupplied cast of shades, but to be honest my husband got bored watching them endlessly coming out. I was, however, entranced – it was hypnotizing! That said, ROH should beef up their corps. The UK’s #1 ballet company should be able to do this show as designed.

    I think Mr. Acosta is great to watch, and I figure he’ll be retiring in a year or so, so I need to take opportunity of the chances to see him while I can.

  3. Exit, pursued by a bear Says:

    No idea, WCG. I just dont rate Sr. Acosta’s classical technique.

    Got my Bayadere’s confused earlier. Its the Kirov version that doesnt have the collapsing temple at the end (and also the Nureyev version that Paris Opera Ballet do). The ROH version is the version by Natalia Makarova, which does have the collapsing temple, but doesnt have most of the marriage parade in Act 2, and which tucks the Golden Idol variation away in Act 3. Its all very confusing.

    And the Mussorsky arent Russia’s No 2 company – they’re St. Petersburg’s No 2 company. Durr!

  4. Exit, pursued by a bear Says:

    Did you ever get to see it? I didnt see you post a review.

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