A break from our regularly scheduled programming


Sorry no theater posts this week – I’m busy moving and haven’t had any free time.

However, I DO have enough time to complain about something. This is, I believe, what the internet is for!

I wrote to Ebay seller iluvjazzy-2008 saying that their $6.95 cost for shipping a sweater was high and asking for a reduction … because USPS Priority mail rate is $4.80 and includes a box, so anything above that is basically pure profit …

And she blocked me from bidding on her stuff! I’m quite insulted.

Anyway, while I’m here: what show should I see to celebrate having moved house?

5 Responses to “A break from our regularly scheduled programming”

  1. Spoonfed Says:

    Congrats on the move, that’s always exciting! Of course, I’m looking forward to reading more reviews once you’re settled in. You might be interested in August: Osage County (we actually just put up a review on our website if you’re interested: http://www.spoonfed.co.uk/spooners/tom-699/august-osage-county-728/ ) but the reviews overall have been incredibly positive and it’s definitely worth a look. Cheers!

  2. Exit, pursued by a bear Says:

    Unfortunately this happens with Ebay all the time – and when you complain to them, they say “Caveat Emptor” (well, they dont exactly say those words because I suspect if you’re working at ebay……). I bought something before Christmas and the seller made 100% profit on the postal charge by charging exactly double what it said on the postage label on the parcel. Complained to ebay, they could do nothing, they said. Leave appropriate feedback, they said. Yes, I said, but thats not going to get me my money back, I said. Complain to Paypal, they said. Nothing to do with us, Paypal said. Ask for a refund from the seller, they said. Please, Mr. Seller, I said, you overcharged me. Can I have a refund. “Pttttttth!” said the seller.

    How about “Mandy Patinkin in Concert” at the Duke of Yorks?

  3. webcowgirl Says:

    Since I don’t know who Mandy Patinkin is, I think I’d be saying no! (And your review seems pretty grumpy – did you recommend it to me before you went?)

  4. Exit, pursued by a bear Says:

    Mandy (Mandel) Patinkin – Jewish American Broadway star, does a lot of Stephen Sondheim shows, won a load of gongs for “Sunday in the Park with George”. Also famed for being self-indulgent “luvvie”. Has enormous following in the US of Sondheimites. Seeing as a lot of recent clues are pointing towards WCG being of US extraction (and regular theatre-goer), I thought you might be a fan! I seemed to be the only person in the theatre not fawning at his feet so thought I might recommend it. Tickets are steep though, starting price £35 going all the way up to £70.

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