Extra great deal for “Death and the Kings Horseman” at the National


Okay, so you THINK you can’t do better than a £10 ticket, right? But no, the National is offering a free drink and program if you book a ticket for this by April 3rd for performances on 1-23 April (excluding Saturdays). Now, I’m a bit scared, as the last time this happened was for Fram, which makes me wonder if this is the National Theatre “Lassie Special,” that is, a way to fill the seats for a show that’s a dog. Still, I have an ongoing interest in the colonial experience in Africa, and was planning on seeing the show anyway, so I’ll be calling 020 7452 3000 and quoting “Metro” when I make my booking.

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One Response to “Extra great deal for “Death and the Kings Horseman” at the National”

  1. Exit, pursued by a bear Says:

    Re: The Barons Court Theatre. I suspect it will be awful, as well. But hey, its a free night out and, just because the chap offered me a free ticket in return for a review, doesnt mean I dont get to be honest about what I see! If its foul, I’ll say so.

    It sounds like an awful “end of term student production”. Watch this space (well, not THIS space obviously)

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