Ambassador’s Theatres tells me lies, tells me sweet little lies


So, I come home from my long visit to Sicily, and, while digging through the monstrous backlog of emails I’ve got, I see one from Ambassador Theatres, “Last Chance to see Graham Norton in La Cage Aux Folles,” well! “SPECIAL OFFER – BEST SEATS £25!” (Monday – Thursday performances until 30 April, using promotion code ATGLAST.)

How exciting! I’ve been wanting to see this for ages and now my chance has come. And I could get good seats in the stalls! So I went to the website, picked my date of choice (April 23rd), entered the promo code, then clicked on a swathe of four lovely seats, right there and row J, and found …

NO! I can’t have those seats, not for £25! And the best best seats, Cabaret Table D, are those available? No!

What are they willing to let me have? Stalls N2-N3. Dress circle row J (the back). Dress circle row A (“The safety rail may affect the view”). Are any of these the “best seats?” I think not. It says in the fine print of the ad that the discount can’t be used on premium seats, but, let’s be honest, BEST SEATS is not a way of saying “the best seats that have a restricted view” or “the best seats under the balcony,” it means the BEST seats. If they’re not willing to let the so-called premium seats go at this price, than, as far as I’m concerned they are engaged in false advertising. Ambassador Theatres/Ambassador Tickets / Ambassador Theatre group, I call you out here as LIARS for misrepresenting your wares. Don’t dress your sheep in ringlets and tell me it’s a spring lamb – this email was simply a LIE.

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2 Responses to “Ambassador’s Theatres tells me lies, tells me sweet little lies”

  1. Rogue Zentradi Says:

    This isn’t TOO surprising, though it is just a little bit – Graham N hasn’t been the audience draw they were hoping for and tickets have even shown up from time to time on the seat filling services. The show’s up at TKTS every day, so you can probably get decent (though not amazing) seats for your £25 cap.

    You also don’t really want to sit at the cabaret tables – they’re right up against the stage in what is normally the pit so you’re staring straight up.

    I *have* sat in Row J of the first circle and it’s a good view but also quite warm as the Playhouse isn’t airconditioned (and you have SRO leaning over you.) Also sat in the second circle and found it a bit further than I like but still a clear view. And £25 full price if I remember correctly…

  2. 12 best ways to get cheap theatre tickets in London « Life in the Cheap Seats – Webcowgirl’s London theatre reviews Says:

    […] Fourteenth tip (new for 2009): I have to add that I’ve had a couple of theatrical miracles thanks to being on the Donmar’s Twitter feed (5 pound tickets to A Doll’s House) and the Ambassador Theatre Group’s email list (5 pound tickets to La Cage Aux Folles, this hits it as my best theater deal of the year). I’d surely subscribe to the Ambassador’s list – they manage so many theaters that you’ll likely get value out of it at least once or twice a year (plus they don’t email you too much, though most of their “deals” are 25 quid “best seats” that aren’t either deals or even “best” as I’ve ranted before). […]

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