Streetcar? Sold out? You CAN depend on the kindness of strangers …


The reviews for the Rachel Weisz / Donmar A Streetcar Named Desire are coming in, and generally speaking they are VERY enthusiastic. What are you to do, though, when the Donmar’s been saying for a month it’s sold out? Well, if you’re me, you keep checking (click the book tickets link and then look for dates marked “limited availability”). It appears that most of the seats that are open are far side seats (per this map, the 1s and 2s, 41s and 42s on the main floor and 2s, 3s, 44s, and 45s upstairs), but, you know, whatever, even though the view is blocked to some extent on the sides, since it’s the Donmar, the prices aren’t outrageous (£25-£15 for what’s available), so you should still be able to get good value on your money.

At any rate, these seats appear to have just opened today, so if you don’t want to just wait for standing day seats, I’d advise you to jump on them now!

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One Response to “Streetcar? Sold out? You CAN depend on the kindness of strangers …”

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    […] and not because some screen star felt like spending his/her time slumming on the stage. I had been really excited about getting tickets to it, but this had all trickled away by the time the actual day rolled around. And, well, I had a cold […]

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