£25 off two “top price” tickets for War Horse – except matinees, Sat PM


NOTE: THIS DEAL IS NOW EXPIRED. Sorry. A 2010 September offer is now here.

I was sent a flyer in the mail from the National announcing £25 off of “two top price tickets” for War Horse, good through October 24th, 2009. Per the voucher, go to warhorselondon.com/25 (which redirects you to the National’s War Horse site), then follow the instructions – either buy online using the promo code 2104 or call the box office (020 7452 3000, quote ‘Promotion Code 2104’) – and order two top price tickets (£47.50 for £35.00). Although it says it’s good for two tickets, the web site appears to be perfectly willing to sell you up to eight at a savings of £12.50 per ticket. While this seems kind of unimpressive in general, I compared to the TKTS “half price” booth (on a Friday) and found that the best deal to be had for the same ticket was £38.00, so this is actually a little better and not so prone to “will they be for sale tonight or not” problem that comes with TKTS purchases. So while this isn’t a great deal (especially compared to the £10 day seats you could have got if you’d gone to see it at the National instead of waiting until it transferred to the New London Theatre), it’s the best thing I’ve seen for this show other than restricted view seats.

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One Response to “£25 off two “top price” tickets for War Horse – except matinees, Sat PM”

  1. m.briggs Says:

    request 4 tickets for War Horse please

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