£9.99 deals from Ambassadors Tickets for 9/9/9


Got an email from Ambassadors this morning about limited availability tickets for three of their shows at the great price of £9.99. First, this week’s La Cage Aux Folles, buy on their website here. Second, Prick Up Your Ears, shows in September on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Buy here. For both, use code ATG999.

Also available: tickets to a “An Audience with Charley and John Boorman,” 99 tickets available for a one-off performance on Sunday 13 September. Online here, same promo code.

Anyway, this is good from 9 AM today, so good luck and GO!


2 Responses to “£9.99 deals from Ambassadors Tickets for 9/9/9”

  1. Kim Suzanne Finnane Says:


    I am writing as i recieved an email for 9/9/9/ offer tickets to my work email Kim.Finnane @met.police.uk but unfortunately my webmaster wont allow it, therefore could it pleaseed be sent to my home mail kims_finnane@hotmail.com, i would be very grateful as alot of people are interested in the 999 offers. we used to recieve the flyers to our station at St Johns wood Police Station but no longer do.

    Kind Regards

    • webcowgirl Says:

      Why don’t you write Ambassador tickets and tell them to change your address? I am a blogger so I can’t really do anything about who sends you email.

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