October 2009 theater calendar


With the cool weather comes the return of long nights spent indoors, and as you know I like to spend them in a theater. Here’s my schedule for October, though it seems that every day I’m hearing about another must-see show – today led to the purchase of tickets for Shunt’s new show, Money.

2 Oct Fri: Scottish Ballet, Sadlers Wells (Mixed rep)
3 Oct Sat: Enron, Royal Court
5 Oct Mon: Annie Get Your Gun, Young Vic
7 Oct Wed: Mayerling, Royal Ballet
9 Oct Fri: Grand Macabre, ENO
12 Oct Mon: Comedians, Lyric Hammersmith
13 Oct Tues: In the Spirit of Diaghilev, Sadlers’ Wells
15 Oct Thu: Clockwork Quartet’s Chocolate Steampunk Evening, The Horse Hospital
21 Oct Wed: Terror 2009
Theatre of Horror and Grand Guignol
(a quartet of spooky plays) at the Southwark Playhouse
22 Oct Thu: Silence of the Lambs the Musical, Baron’s Court Theatre
23 Oct Fri: Money, Shunt
30 Oct Fri: They Only Come at Night and Michael Clark Company (two different shows), Barbican


2 Responses to “October 2009 theater calendar”

  1. Exit, Pursued by a Bear Says:

    Wow, you just won the lottery?

    Happy to see that you’re going to see ENRON (I went on Thursday and it was FAB but CRAMPED) and Annie Get Your Gun (tomorrow!). Love reading other peoples’ reviews of shows I’ve seen.

    I managed to reference the Whingers in my ENRON review, no doubt I’ll manage a WCG reference somehow. Just in homage, you understand.

    • webcowgirl Says:

      Did I win the lottery because I got seats to Enron or because I have so many shows listed? Truth is I just started a new job and after two months of almost no shows at all have gone a bit nuts. Also I have a friend visiting for ten days and, well, she wants to go see some theater while she’s in London … really, it’s like having people ask you if you want some chocolate while they’re in town. YES YES and YES!

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