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Was it really less than six months ago that I saw Alan Cumming on the stage of the Vaudeville with his one man show? I had a lot of cause to remember it tonight as I watched Megan Mullally on the very same stage. Hey, for 15 quid in the second row, I was utterly blown away … there was no reason to think that fourth row and 35 quid wouldn’t give me the same experience. The other tickets were just a steal.

Tonight, however, I left with the feeling that perhaps I was the one who’d been stolen from. Ms Mullally said she’d left Karen behind, but just who had she taken with her? I expect a one person show like this to really captivate me – to reach out and make me feel that we’re all really best friends, no matter how insincere this sentiment is. I mean, shit, Alan made me think, “My God, if only we could sit around smoking and drinking after the show, I’m sure it would be totally fantastic, the man is SO funny and has had SUCH an interesting life and we could just talk all night long.” Did M not have these stories? She only told us one in the first act, about touring around Prague with a dire tour guide named Olga.

Otherwise, really, all we got were songs, songs songs songs, songs by PJ Harvey and The Decembrists and Bryan Adams, all performed in a serviceable but somewhat thin voice, none of them really having the compelling oomph of the originals. Actually, “The Dreadful Wind and Rain,” and old Irish ballad, was really powerful, and none of them were awful … but she just … I don’t know … “I Remember” from Evening Primrose was nice … but I just couldn’t get motivated to care about watching her sing. I mean, yeah, sure, certain degree of celebrity, but I came to be entertained, and I wasn’t. I was certainly underimpressed by watching her refer back to her music again and again. Hello, Broadway 101 – even I memorize the lyrics to songs I’m going to sing in public!

For those who want to know what they missed, here’s a list of the songs she performed in the first half:
Up a Lazy River (PJ Harvey_)
I Lost My Heart Under the Bridge
Lucy My Gal (Bryan Adams)
Dreadful Wind and Rain
Little Bird (the Weepers)
I Remember (Sondheim, from the TV show Evening Primrose)
Engine # 9 (Roger Miller)
Home Sweet Home
We’re Gonna Find Romance in the Dark
It’s Not Easy Being Green

And, well, given the option between going home and getting plenty of sleep before work tomorrow or staying and watching the rest of the show, I voted with my feet. It wasn’t actually bad; I just didn’t care.

(This review is for a performance that took place on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010. The show continues through February 21st. FYI you could also go see some flamenco at Sadler’s Wells instead, which I highly advise, or perhaps take advantage of an evening of karaoke.)

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5 Responses to “Review – Megan Mullally – Vaudeville Theatre”

  1. terry pettigrew Says:

    You have managed to put into words about the Megan Mullally show what I struggled to say to my friends today when they asked and the words I used were ‘I felt really cheated’. Sure she sang ok but a lot of chorus girls in the West End could have done just as well, but it was not a top price ticket West End show. Just a sit com actress with a so so voice and a few session musicians.The songs as you say were better in the original form particularly the Randy Newman number which Patti Lu Pone does brilliantly in her one woman show, which Megan ought to look at to see how it’s done. I really feel she too us for a ride and her constant references to not not doing research and as she said ‘why should she care as she has more interesting things in her life’ , made me think she really held us slightly in disdain. Ultimately she Megan/Karen really is a one trick pony (in my opininion) and not a very sincere one at that.

  2. GH Says:

    Just a tip – if you are going to bitch about someone not remembering the words – try to get the song name & artist right. Lucy My Gal by Bryan Adams is actually Shakedown on 9th Street by RYAN Adams.

  3. Morgan Says:

    Worse attitude for a performer who people have paid (not an insignificant amount) to see!

    Webcowgirl, you’re spot on, all the other reviews i’ve read have said the same. Good singing, shame about the rest of the show.

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