June 2010 Theater calendar


I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with my blogging with all of the travelling I’ve been doing, and June is also going to suffer from an excess of going away and a lack of going out. Still, I’ve got some good things coming up, and the typical summer swing toward dance.

2nd (Wednesday) – Royal Ballet Triple Bill, the big star is MacGregor’s Chroma, my favorite ballet of its decade. The White Stripes! Crazy new movement vocabulary! Rock!

3rd (Thursday) – The Pixies. I’ve got tickets to see the Pixies! I know it’s not a theater event, but, whatever, this is about me and not you.

4th (Friday) – New Works at the Linbury – a great chance to see emerging dance talent in an intimate space.

5th (Saturday) – Kabuki play “Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees” at Sadlers’ Wells. Really hoping for return seats as I want to sit in the stalls. I’ve been a Kabuki fan since going to the Kabuki-za in 2000 and I’m very excited I have another chance to enjoy this art form.

7th (Monday) – “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” at the Young Vic. There are some great deals for this show and, as an August Wilson fan, this is a must see.

8th (Tuesday): The Mousetrap. Haven’t been to see it before – but shouldn’t I try once? Going with a group of friends so this should be fun.

10th (Thursday): Michael Clark’s “come, been and gone” at the Barbican. His 1st go at modern dance to Bowie and Reed was not a complete success but I’m unable to resist the combo so I’m off to see how he did with his new set of songs.

15th (Tuesday): I’m hoping to see the new production of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons,” though I haven’t bought tickets yet. It’s kind of expensive so I’m shooting for cheapies from TKTS on the day of – hopefully since this is early in the run and I want to go on a Tuesday I can get them.

18th (Friday): “Dangerous,” the all-male, modern day retelling of Dangerous Liaisons, set in London and Brighton, at the Above the Stag pub/theater. This is a Friday, it’s part of my birthday week celebrations, there will be drinking. And there will be nudity, but I’m really hoping this will all be on stage.

20th (Sunday): “Day Before Spring,” the latest offering from Lost Musicals. I really liked the first thing I saw by them, Cole Porter’s “Paris,” and have high hopes for the “classic American songbook in a stripped down staging” that is the Lost Musicals “thing.” And hey, it’s Lerner & Loewe!

22nd (Tuesday): “Calamity Jane” at the Gatehouse Theater. I don’t know anything about this show, but I’ve been invited by a friend, and I like the American West, so why not go?

Overall with only 11 shows planned, this looks like a bit of a thin month, though I’m hoping to add in a trip to the Pearl Fishers at ENO and, well, probably another thing or two depending on timing and finances. “Out of the Piano,” 24 new “theatrical” songs, on June 20th, looks like a possibility, as it’s pay what you can and I can squeeze it in after Lost Musicals … but we’ll just see how the month goes. Maybe I’ve already got enough going, but I can’t help but want more!

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