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Mikhailovsky Ballet’s summer 2010 to London: Discounts available for multiple shows

June 3, 2010

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the Mikhailovsy’s brochure for their July visit to the London Coliseum, you may have missed that there is a discount being offered when you purchase tickets to multiple shows. If you buy tickets for three ballets, you get 10% off; 15% for four ballets and 20% off if you go to all five. With an embarassment of riches over their visit (July 13-25th), it’s really easy to fill that basket with three shows at once. I’m not sure about going to see Swan Lake (I try to see this just once a year and I already saw ENO do it), but kids’ ballet Cipollino is a must and I’ll absolutely be at Laurencia, which is a world premiere … well, of its revival, and it’s not really a world premiere as it’s debuting in St. Petersburg beforehand, but I don’t care. It’s certainly a ballet that I’ve never seen before and I absolutely wil be there. I’m also excited about the Triple Bill, which I think will be fun. However, even though tickets can be had for as little as £15, I think I’ll be skipping Giselle, which I saw them perform two years ago. It was a good show, mind, but I’m planning on sneaking off to the Royal Opera House to see the hideously overpriced Bolshoi version. Given that top priced tickets for the Bolshoi are £122 and the same show can be seen at the London Coliseum for £75 before the 20% discount (if you buy tickets for all five Mikhailovsky shows), I’d say for the person who wants to see all of the Russian ballet they can this summer, the Mikhailovsky series at the London Coliseum can’t be beat.