Ticket deal – £10 off top price tix for War Horse – September 6-17 2010 only


It’s been almost a year since the National last had an offer on tickets to the much loved and highly successful War Horse. I still want to see it but I still haven’t, as I’m put off by theater with a £50 price tag; usually I can get at least three shows for that price.

However, it may be time to break down, as there simply aren’t bargains to be had for this show if you’re an adult. It never comes up at TKTS or any of the normal theater discounters, so either I need to settle with a really crappy seat (Circle Side Restricted, £15) or pay retail. And now the National is offering another deal off of top price tickets, top price for £40, which, as it turns out, isn’t quite as good as last year’s deal but only off by £2.50 so who am I to quibble. Anyway, the details are as follows:

£10 off top price tickets (usually £49.50) for Monday to Friday evening performances from 6 – 17 September 2010. Book online and enter promotion code 2997 then select date and tickets, or call 020 7452 3000 and quote ‘Members War Horse Offer’. Excludes Thursday matinees and Saturday matinee and evening performances.

There you are; enjoy.


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2 Responses to “Ticket deal – £10 off top price tix for War Horse – September 6-17 2010 only”

  1. Rev Stan Says:

    I managed to see it at the National where the ticket prices are cheaper but it’s one of the few West End plays I’d say are worth paying top whack for (if you can’t get a reduced price one, natch.)

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