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Mini-review – Puss in Boots – Hackney Empire

December 13, 2013

Well, it’s year two of the Clive-less Hackney panto, and, while I’m thrilled to be seeing him on the National’s stage, I’m beginning to think that, without him, it’s not worth the trek to the Empire. I’ve grown to think of panto as necessarily involving sparkling improv and gigglicious audience interaction, but it’s just not happening this year. Maybe it really was just Clive? Both the Evil Witch and the bad queen of Hackneydonia are fabulous villainesses, and there was originality in the geeky daughter of the dame (“Amnesia”) and the anti-romance between Puss’ owner and the princess, but I missed the political jokes and the formerly wow dame outfits. In fact, I was a bit bored. It was still a solid show, but not one for me. Oh well, I’ll try again tonight in Greenwich.