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Sondheim’s “Follies” and The Art of Drag

August 20, 2021

On Wednesday I went to the Art of Drag class of 2020 showcase, unsurprisingly being held in 2021 but still at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. I like what Michael Twaits does with his students and love the thought of a bunch of new drag artists being released on the world that have the same positive attitude, lack of misogny, and fabulousness as Michael himself.

But I also love having the opportunity to watch Michael perform, which I haven’t had since before I moved house in June. He used one of his spotlight moments to do a fundraiser for Cabaret Versus Cancer (the founder of which was in the showcase). Those who put a paper item into the collection bucket got to pick a musical from which Michael would sing a song: I chose “Follies.” To my pleasure, Michael switched it up, making it “I think about drag.” And that pushed me to make my own lyrics, based on my life with four cats, and, for this week, 7 kittens and their two moms.

“The sun comes up, I think about cats
The litter box,I think about cats
I love tehm so much, but I’m losing my mind

I open cans, I think about cats
Talk to myself, and talk to the cats
I think they know that I am losing my mind

All livelong day doing oh so many chores
The litterbox burning bright
Sometimes they poop in the middle of the floor
Or on the side
Or out of sight

I dim the lights and think about cats
Those sleepless nights … did I hear the cats?
Was that the kitchen? What have they done this time?
I think I’m losing my mind.

All night and day doing oh so many chores
Is this the food that you like?
I know you liked it just the other day ….
What’s in your fur?
Why must they fight?

I go to bed and think about cats
Such sleepless nights, and I blame the cats
How did you get there? What have you broken this time?
I know I have lost my mind!