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Will Tuckett’s Pinocchio at the Royal Opera House/Linbury

December 22, 2007

After work on Friday I went to the Royal Opera House for the misbilled “ballet” Pinocchio. It wasn’t a ballet; it was a sung opera, in that irritating modern style (like the Pierrot ballet, may I die before I see such a bad thing again), with accordion music backing it (making no fans in shadowdaddy). It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but I was grateful that it was short, and during the scene in the whale, I pointed out to bathtubgingirl, “Look! They’re swimming toward the denouement!” I also mentioned to her that she’s young enough now to know to skip it if they revive it.

I can’t get excited about writing about this show. We debated leaving during intermission but stuck through it though only because it was short. I can only say that the bit after the intermission was better because we saw the end drawing nigh. Music and ballet: I think it’s not a good combination.

(This review is for the December 22nd performance.)