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“Diving Performing Arts” returns to London – beware!

February 5, 2009

Note: like most Americans, I am a big supporter of the right to freely practice your religion, and I object to having my article here used as somehow being against Fa Lun Gung as a religion or against people who practice Fa Lun Gung (English translation here). My article is about this presentation as an arts exhibit. I believe people have the inherent right of freedom of religion, and it is wrong to restrict people’s religious practices, and if this had been sold as a religious revival night, I would not have had a word of complaint and would hope that those had attended had enjoyed themselves greatly.

I was mortified to discover that the Diving Performing Arts ensemble, originators of my most horrifying evening out last year, are returning to London, once again peddling their thinly veiled religious revival as a performance that is a “colorful gala of dance and music” rather than a two hour long propaganda piece. One of the people who commented on my review of their performance last year said that all advertising made it clear that this performance is being pushed by the Fa Lun Da Fa/ Fa Lun Gung cult; but in fact this is only made obvious by a TINY LINE on the back page of the flyer the well-coiffed women were handing out at Holborn Station last night (“presented by Falun Gong Association (UK)”). And if I hadn’t been following current events in China for twenty years, what would the chances be of my having ANY IDEA what this is about?

BE WARNED: this event is a Falun Gong RELIGIOUS REVIVAL, with numerous songs praising the religion and dances showing the persecution of its believers, NOT an arts event. It’s also an anti-People’s Republic of China propaganda piece. If you are offended by being preached to at an event you have PAID MONEY FOR, do NOT go to this. (It’s going to be at the New London Theatre and the Edinburgh Playhouse.) It’s not even a group from China – they are based in New York! So consider yourself warned. (On the other hand if you hate the PRC or are a big fan of this religion, doubtlessly you will find this the best event of the entire year. Me, I’m going to see La Cage Aux Folles instead.)