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Absurd Person Singular at The Garrick

December 4, 2007

I had a great time tonight at Absurd Person Singular at the Garrick. Okay, well, let’s be clear, it’s a wee bit difficult to have a good time at a show so profoundly misogynistic. Is your wife shy? Berate her! Depressed? Tell her to shut up! Suicidal? Ignore her in favor of more “fun” people. I found the whole concept of this show being a comedy a little difficult to swallow. The audience was laughing enough, but part of me wondered if they were mostly so old that a seventies chestnut was comical. I found the whole air of foreboding rather Pinteresque; I presume the rest of the audience was just in a Christmas panto/comedy mood and wanted to laugh.

Me, well, let’s be clear, it was the presence of the lovely West End Whingers that made my night. Bitter, jaded burnouts who are willing to cut their losses at intermission: that’s what I’m talking about! And there was piles of wine and I got to meet Liz who is clearly a genius because she thought Venus as a Boy was a work of brilliance only surpassed in its excellence this year by RNB’s “Chroma” – and since she shares my opinions, I, of course, think she is great and remarkably perceptive.

Really, hanging out with City Slicker and the Whingers was great. God, it was nice to really dish theater! I can’t wait for our next outing. Meanwhile, my next outing will be tonight with Katie, to see Bitch-slapped by God, which I read somewhere was the cure for Christmas Pantos. I figure last night’s show would have taken the shine out of any Christmas cheer out there; this one should actually burnish it to a fine polish, with the aid of some liquor.

Oddly, thanks to all of the wine I drank last night (possibly to get the taste of the show out of my mouth) I went to bed singing. (I’m afraid it was some ELO from the Time album, though I can’t remember the exact song.)