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Opening night deal: Les Ballets Trockadero Peacock Theatre only £10!

September 8, 2010

UPDATE: 2 for 1 available for Trocks on top price tickets (normally £40 and £35)* Weds 15 – Fri 17 September- for details see

Muchas smoochas to the fabulous Cloud Dance Festival for the Twitter heads up to a great deal for the opening night (Tuesday September 14th 2010) of Les Ballets Trockadero at the Peacock Theatre: any seat in the house for £10! Use the code pcdopening if booking online: you will not see the discount prices until you add it to your basket. If you call, use the phrase “Opening Night Offer.”. This is a great group, well worth seeing for both programs, but with a deal like this … how could you miss? I’m not sure if this expires before opening night, but given that the cheapest seat is normally £15, I expect it will sell out soon, and then word of mouth will pack the house for the rest of the run. (This performance, Program one, features ChopEniana / Patterns in Space / La Vivandiere / Raymonda’s Wedding, and should be a delight to ballet expert and novice alike.)

Great deal on Royal Ballet triple bill (Chroma, Tryst, Symphony in C)

May 6, 2010

To my surprise, has a fab deal posted for the last Royal Ballet triple bill of the year, featuring Wanye MacGregor’s “Chroma,” the most exciting work of ballet I’ve seen in four years (score by the White Stripes, RAWK), and Balanchine’s “Symphony in C,” a touchstone of 20th century ballet. Prices are £35 for orchestra stalls (were £55) and £15 and £12 for stalls seats normally priced at £30 and £12. The deal is only good on May 22 and 23, but, seriously, at this price you must go. For me, at this price I can now afford to go twice and watch it close up.

Later: OOH, if you use the link on, if you pick tickets for the Saturday or Sunday 22/23rd shows, you’ll get the same deal, only you’ll only see it once you select a seat – the price will show up as the third option when you’re picking which seat to put in your basket.