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Summer Strallen insulted in OK Magazine

July 10, 2008

Ever since I saw The Drowsy Chaperone, Summer Strallen has been at the top of my list of “top actresses to see in a West End musical.” The way she kicks! The way she sings! She’s the whole package, the triple threat, and she’s really a treat to see on stage. I mean, I have never seen a show twice in a week, but I went back just to see her (and because the show was closing).

Once Drowsy closed I looked around online, hoping to find news of her returning to the stage (when? where?), but I had a long wait as she’d pulled some TV work (no luck seeing her in a panto last year, boo!). Then she got the role of Maria in Sound of Music (not West Side Story, boo again), which, well, was kind of good because it put her back on stage, but also bad because, well, it’s not exactly a role requiring a lot of dancing so it’s a waste of her tremendous talent (and it’s, er, The Sound of Music, so not something I’m particularly interested in seeing).

That said, I was excited to see an article about her in trashy rag Ok Magazine (which for some reason we have a copy of in my office’s breakroom). It was “Summer in summer wear” or something fluffy like that, basically a fashion spread, with Summer looking lovely in floral frocks.

However, I found the article made OK Magazine look really bad, as the very first sentence in it is, “Going from soap actress to stage star isn’t the most likely of paths …”

WHAT??? Was that a misprint? What Summer did was go from stage star to soap actress! But no, per OK, it seems that Summer’s life began when she got a job on a TV show. There is not a word of her earlier work anywhere in the article, not even about her turn in Dick Whittington at the Barbican. Perhaps this is some kind of sop to the OK readers, whom OK assumes must not do much besides watch TV, but I found it insulting to Summer as a theater professional that OK would wipe out her entire career by pretending it all started when she got a job on a soap opera. Summer did mention that she’s not getting to do any dancing, really, in her current show, which might indicate to some that perhaps there are other talents going on besides singing and acting … perhaps a hint of an earlier life … but no, nothing. At least the pictures looked great, and Summer sounded tremendously more classy than most of the women they were featuring in the magazine, but the questions! “Are you terribly critical about your looks, what kind of wedding do you fantasize about …” What kind of airhead reads this rag anyway? I wished they’d asked her some better questions but I still felt her personality came through, and she sounded really level headed. Who knows, maybe the interviewer was unimaginative.

That said, I was also sorry to read that Summer’s going to continue on in Sound of Music until February 2009. Gah, what a waste! This girl needs a role in a show where she can do some dancing again! Although I’m happy to see her continuously employed, I’d much rather have a chance to see her in a show where she can really show her stuff … say in Anything GoesWest Side StorySweet Charity