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Mini-review – Murder in the Cathedral – Little Spaniel Theater at Saint Bartholomew the Great

June 14, 2014

Kyrie Eleison
This plays seems to go on and on
Why can’t it just end and be done?

Shoot me please but somehow I got to thinking that Murder in the Cathedral was one of those great suspense dramas a la Deathtrap or really any of the Brother Cadfael novels and I only deserved what I got: two hours of overdrawn poetry with a serious lack of attention to building character or even dramatic tension. Full props to Little Spaniel Theater for staging this in the beautiful Saint Bartholemew the Great: I enjoyed the opportunity to experience the architecture at my leisure (they have a cafe in the cloisters, it’s amazing). But sadly my exposure to English history since I moved here means there was absolutely zero mystery involved in this show; pity I didn’t take a class in theater history or I might have been warned off. Sometimes the language was really nice to hear (“Ooh! Good alliteration!”) but, I think, if the text were in front of me, I probably wouldn’t have finished reading it. The use of the “women of Canterbury” as a Greek chorus was grating and, well, so was the fact I was wasting a stunning June Saturday inside and unable to dash out without crossing through the actors. I really like T. S. Elliot but the man just did not have the hang of making a good play.

On the other hand, I shall now fill the gap with Murder – She Wrote – In the Cathedral. It needs to be done. “It was an angry ticketholder, with a hymn book, in the queue for the ladies’ loo!”

(This review is for the final performance that took place on June 14th, 2014. Live and learn, live and learn.)