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Two for one tickets for American Ballet Theatre at Sadlers Wells 2011

January 26, 2011

Well, after staring down the 70 pound tickets for the last two months, Sadler’s Wells has finally done the reasonable thing and cut a deal on top-priced tickets, which are now available at two for a total of seventy quid. Reasonably enough this is only possible on the shows that haven’t sold so well, so we’re looking at Thursday February 3rd, Friday the 4th, the Saturday the 5th matinee and both performances on Sunday the 6th. This allows you to see both rep one and rep two, so … well, if you’ve been hesitating, now’s the time to dive in. Hey, you could even catch both versions of program 2 (as the Saturday matinee has the pas de deux from the Nutcracker if I’m not mistaken). Their site is broken as I write but details on which is on when can be found here.

To get this deal, call 0844 412 4300 and quote “celebrate the city” or go online and use the promo code pcdcelebrate when prompted.

Deal of the Day: Metro 2 for 1 tickets to 1st week of Blaze streetdance, Peacock Theatre

March 1, 2010

Well! My daily Metro reading has paid off with an offer for half priced tickets to the first week of Blaze, the street dance performance that’s happening at the Peacock Theater from March 11th through 28th. Now, the tickets are only good for the first week, March 11-18th, but you wanna get in the door first, right? I’ve found street dance some of the most exciting dance performance taking place in London these days, and I’ve been hoping for a good deal for this show for a while, so I bought my tickets before I posted this!

Here’s the deal: go to Sadler’s Wells website, pick a date from March 11th through 18th, and enter “pcdcelebrate” into the white box (numbered 2) where it says “Promotional code.” Then pick two of either of the top two priced seats (£36 or £28, they’re clearly labelled in the UI), and off you go – when you check out, your total will be half the price you would have paid (plus a wee booking fee). If you’re not internet savvy, calling Sadler’s Wells at 0844 412 4322 and asking for the “Celebrate the City offer” will yield the same deal, only you’ll pay a higher booking fee.

Metro discounted ticket deal to Royal Ballet’s “Sleeping Beauty”

November 10, 2009

The Metro yesterday advertised a very good deal on tickets to The Sleeping Beauty for 7:30/7PM shows on November 16th and 19th and January 18th and 19th (2010, obviously). Prices were £68 for orchestra stalls (normally £110-£93) and £45 for amphitheater seats (normally £60-£50).

To book, either go to the Royal Opera site (the link the Metro provided unfortunately doesn’t work), pick a valid date (see above), type “metro” into the “have a code” box, and click “go.” The discounted price will show next to the full price in the “pick a seat” part of the process – be sure to click the discounted price when picking your seats. OR – call 020 7304 4000 and quote “Sleeping Beauty Metro Offer” when booking.