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Review – Miss Behave’s Variety Nighty – The Roundhouse

August 24, 2008

Last night I went with a large group of friends to see Miss Behave’s Variety Nighty at the Roundhouse. This show has been running for several weeks now, and after seeing it last night I’m really sorry that tonight (Sunday) appears to be the closing night. (This will also affect the length of my review, as there’s not too much point in putting a lot of effort into reviews that won’t get read.)

I had a great night last night, despite being within spitting distance of the stage (at one of the reserved tables) and too far to the side of the stage to see some things. The acts ranged from brilliant to “good enough,” but since all of the bits were short, something which didn’t blow me away was over pretty quickly – and I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect every act to be brilliant – it would, in fact, have negatively affected the texture of the evening.

Kalki_Hula_Girl (24k image)The evening was started up in fairly good style (after, of course, the drinks were brought to my table, which I considered also a great start to a night at the theater) by a rock and roll hula hooper. Now, I don’t really know how you make hula hooping interesting (aside from having someone gorgeous doing it, and let’s be honest about what I was looking at during a lot of the performance), but the combination of 80s hair metal and glitter striped hula hoops really kicked up the energy. The Kalki Hula Girl’s persona on stage – her “thing” – was that she was wasted, and watching her stagger around gave me flashbacks of Amy Winehouse, only with much better muscle tone.

Later highlights included some great aerialists, both of the trapeze (normal and hoop) and climbing hanging silk swags variety. I was blown away by the aerialists – having these sexy men flying over my head – literally – while holding onto a slender bar or hoop was amazing. Wow! And the grand finale, “Lucifire,” a female fire performance artist, was really stupendous, a great combination of burlesque and circus skills. Gypsy Rose Lee could have killed for a gimmick this hot (tee hee). And when she cracked that giant, flaming bullwhip? ShaZAM! My hair stood on end!

Overall, this was a really good night out and a bargain at the price. Recommended!

(This performance was for the 8 PM showing on the night of Saturday, August 23rd. There is one more performance left on Sunday, August 24th.)