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Cinema or theater?

January 17, 2012

Before I moved to London, I was a hard core movie fan. Living in Seattle, I had the benefit of the Northwest Film Forum, the Grand Illusion, and the Seven Gables chain to feed my love of intelligent films. For several years, I saw nearly a movie a week (while managing to skip nearly everything Hollywood was putting out).

I saw nearly everything available in the theater in Seattle, but when I moved to London, my theater going exploded. I went from forty or fifty shows a year to over a hundred … in fact, 136 last year (and that was less than in 2010). And my movie going has fallen precipitously, to barely a movie a month (usually at the BFI).

So tonight I went to the Odeon Panton, and what did I get? 20 minutes of ads for everything from clothes washers to banks, and a movie that was shown with visible pixels, like I was watching a giant TV set. And for that I paid more than I do for many plays. Now, Margaret was an awesome movie, but do I feel like going to see a movie in a cinema again any time soon? No, I do not. If I’m going to watch a bunch of stupid dots dancing around on a screen, I can sit at home and watch it on my little computer and SKIP the 20 minutes worth of ads. Odeon cinemas, you are DOING IT WRONG.

Note: one of the ads was about the great experience of seeing a movie in the cinema. This made me laugh. But at least the audience – all five of us – was fairly quiet.