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What? Theater on Sundays? What about my day of rest?

June 5, 2008

In what I think will pass as the best theater news of this week, this month, and, possibly, this year, it appears that The National Theatre will be doing shows on Sundays starting in September. This is fantastically good news to me as Sundays have traditionally been slim pickin’s, and this policy has been a real thorn in my side when entertaining out of town guests. On the other hand, it’s made it easy for me to make Sundays the day where I literally don’t plan on doing things, letting me go to musuems, visit friends, and (heaven forfend) clean house and do grocery shopping. (Which reminds me – I need to get on this before my uncle comes to visit next week, but since I’m seeing Peony Pavillion on Sunday it’s going to be hard to find the time!)

In far less shocking news, Gone with the Wind is calling it quits. This is, in my mind, a total gift to any unwary theater goer – I prefer my turkeys on the table at Thanksgiving, thank you very much. It did provide the opportunity for some truly spectacular blogging, but, yet again, if I’m looking to strip the paint off of the walls, I’d rather go to the hardware store. Wait, no, that’s not true, such blistering reviews are actually really fun to read, but, still, it’s good to hear it’s being put out of its misery. One wonders what’s held Lord of the Rings up for as long as it has – sticks? I saw a woman on the tube with a whole bag full of merchandise from the show last night and I was really wondering just what had come over her.