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Review – Camino Real – Theater Simple at Oddfellows Hall

November 5, 2005

(This review is reposted from my previous blog, and the show in question took place in Seattle.)

My sister and I are just back home from the opening of ‘s new show, Camino Real. He’s still there – he has work to do. Our day was pretty good, but we’re all worn out, and I’m making us cups of rose hip tea right now and hoping that the upstairs heats up. It’s cold out there and up there. Brrr.

The play was… incoherent. Technically it was quite good, and all of the performances were good, but … I really have problems with the script. I think it was probably done as well as it could be, but I just sat there not able to find the through line. A lot of people left at intermission and didn’t come back, so I know my struggles were not alone. I might actually read the script and think about it some more, as I’m not ready to condemn it, but it’s never good when I feel the need for escape and wind up hoping that it was really just going to be a one act play. It had those Tennessee Williams themes of “life is transient” right up front and center, though, and it reminded me of one thing: Must Move. Must start living the life I feel like I should be living.

At any rate, and here are my two lovely cups of honeyed rose hip tea, and I think it’s time to sit down and sew and natter for a bit before we call it a day. Challah french toast and sausages all around for breakfast tomorrow, and a whole day spent with my husband and my sister – I am looking forward to it!